Madden NFL 19 will be on Nintendo Switch?

A couple of extra months have gone by since Madden NFL 18 went on sale and has shown us that it is a spectacular game in every way. However, we can´t miss the opportunity to say that we would have loved to have a version for Nintendo Switch .

Fortunately, more than a rumor, it is practically a fact that Madden NFL 19 will appear on Nintendo Switch for the following reasons.

It would be a global success

Taking into account the benefits that Nintendo Switch offers AAA titles, it is expected that EA will take advantage of this and will take as much as possible to the title.

Will use the controls with movement

Nintendo Labo is just around the corner and we can´t wait to try it! EA knows this perfectly, so they will surely try to implement it in most of his franchises, including FIFA and Madden. It would be great to see how they will adapt this new technology, but that will be discussed in the following article.

Nintendo fans need Madden!

I remember the times of the Nintendo Wii. I used to play Madden NFL 13 on Wii and it seemed fun to me, despite its cell shading type graphics. However, I think that EA owes (to Nintendo fans) a good Madden game.

Portability, the holly portability

Going on a trip and having the opportunity to continue playing is a great blessing of this last decade. Thanks to the Nintendo Switch we can continue playing while we are on public transport or even while traveling. EA will not miss the opportunity to offer us the power to play Madden coins while on the move.
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